WELCOME TO THE CHALLENGE!! Win a FREE drum t-shirt from Joe Ugly Apparel! Joe Ugly Apparel and instgram.com/drum.dude have teamed up to bring you the GUESS THE DRUM COVER SONG – T-Shirt Challenge!

We will be releasing a new drums only cover song for you to guess every couple of weeks. In order to win a FREE shirt you have to follow drum.dude and Joe Ugly Apparel on Instagram to see when a new cover drum challenge is released. Some may be difficult to guess. Some may be easy!

Anyone and everyone can play! But there’s only 1 winner per uploaded cover drum track. And the t-shirt goes to the first person to guess the artist/band and song title correctly in the comments. There are 2 choices for t-shirts to win. And winner can pick the size they want. See the rules for full details of the challenge below!


Rules of the game:

  1. There’s only 1 winner for each drum cover song upload.
  2. This challenge is FREE. Joe Ugly Apparel and drum.dude ship the winner a shirt FREE!
  3. Winner has to have an Instagram account and has to be following drum.dude and Joe Ugly Apparel. BOTH!!
  4. First person to get the band/artist and song title correct wins (state answer in the comment section).
  5. Winner will be contacted via DM on Instagram from drum.dude.
  6. Winner can only win 1 time in the span of 12 months from their previous win.
  7. Winner can pick size, weather they want a mens, womens, or childs, and 1 out of the 2 shirt designs available. Colors can’t be picked. (The Drummer Drum Sticks Music T-Shirt comes in Silver). (The Snare Drum T-Shirt comes in Black).
  8. Winner will need to provide name and address for where shirt should be delivered.
  9. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shirt to be delivered.
  10. drum.dude and Joe Ugly Apparel have the right to ban anyone from winning if they are not cooperating properly within the community or comment section. It’s a fun game everyone so let’s have fun with it.
  11. Once a winner has been declared the challenge for that drum only cover will be over.
  12. Know your music and be ready at all times to win your FREE t-shirt.
  13. These rules can be subject to change as the challenge goes on.

Snare Drum T-Shirt

Snare Drum T-Shirt

Drummer Drum Sticks Music T-Shirt

Drummer Drum Sticks Music T-Shirt

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